A Note on Versioning

You will notice version tags in posts that are actual full stories or other type of self-contained literary contents. These tags come as X.Y.Z where X, Y, Z are numbers (typically between 0 and 9, but they can grow larger for particularly fast evolving contents).

Most likely, you’ll never see a version tag 0.0.* – these are reserved for very unpolished work in progress.

Once I consider something more or less presentable, it is promoted to version 0.1.0 and it will probably appear here and on Github. Further versions may follow. Small revisions increment the last part of the version tag. Bigger changes are indicated by an increment  of the middle part.

When a piece is to be published, it deserves a major version designation – 1.0.0. Further version increments are less likely but still possible then.

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