Cannibal Feast, vol. 1

Welcome to the series of self-devouring exercises. The idea is to look at the contents posted on the “fast” social media in the last week or so and see if there are any interesting patterns. A diary, with a bit of distance from what was actually happening.

How was the last week then? It started pretty nice.

Sunrise, empty hopes
paddle out, icicle head
reap the right rewards.

Yes, the Atlantic has stirred after the summer slumber and the surf was up (even though it didn’t look all that great at first).

Off to work then. No exciting discoveries made last week, apparently. Mostly a marathon of hiring meetings.

Upended tables
grilling strangers on the screen
shall we ever meet?

A lot of e-mails as well. All of it sparking bursts of silly inspiration.


Fresh dead pines, how sweet. A host of lumberjack zombies rising, to chop through e-mails on a cold morning.

Oh, I went swimming too, to wash off the office routine a bit. Time to put a winter pool training schedule together. Not there yet, but working on it.


Crippled dolphin kick
chasing dark snakes, blurry blue
waking up at last.

Looks like I may need to improve the morning warm-ups. Or maybe just try to wake up properly way before entering the pool?

There were few nice and dry days (a thing to be cherished this time of the year when you live on the Irish Atlantic coast). Great for taking my rasta-board out for few more rides before the winter sets in!


Skimming downhill, breeze
snaking through the fallen leaves
project code review.

Last but not least, I’ve found out that my after-lunch walks can be good not only for meditating about the afternoon workload, but also for finding little acorns of potential stories!


Too pretty to stand in a row, and obsessed with her own reflection. If she could only stop scratching the mirror.



Cold sweat, branches sagging in gloom…
What have you done last night,
shapeshifted by the harvest moon?

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for the next volume.

P.S.: If you want to watch as the story of these cannibal feasts unfolds in (almost) real time, follow my Twitter or Facebook page!

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