Cannibal Feast, vol. 6

Catching up fast now after the break! When I got back from the travels reported in the previous edition of these cannibalizations, I found the Atlantic autumn slowly turning into rather cold winter.

Bring it on, I say, for really cold weather (for Ireland) typically means unusually clear skies (for Ireland). Like in this fiery sunrise (never mind those clouds – that is clear enough in my books … for Ireland).


Wintry winds of rising sun poked the Ferris wheel. It turned on the other side, spokes all creaky, and dozed off again. Lazy slacker.

The weather was stable and tempting enough for long morning walks through the city. Peaceful pastime you might think, but one never knows what kind of stories can lurk under the seemingly innocent surface.

Standing at the crossroads
on stilts, sinking into mud.
Reeds whisper and brush
your naked calves.

You wish to take off,
soar above a tangle
of screeching wires
made of tar.

But then a glacial wave
of rotting leaves
washes over you.

You sleep; skeletal branches
hold you down
until the spring comes.

Looking back now, the good weather actually must have brought up some sort of gloomy undercurrent of my soul. Here is another disturbing outcome of an otherwise pretty dull walk in a broad daylight.

When you sink
into reflections
of your barren life
blurred and washed away.

Try to look up,
for sometimes, colours start
creeping back, pushing down
on the gloom.

To leave you standing
in a beautiful day
your all but flooded lungs
gulping air.

Even during morning walks to the office, the despondency apparently kept creeping after my heels.


World is upside down
roots groping, clutching at void
trickster Moon sniggers.

Last weekend brought a change for better though. The following flash piece is mere observation with no emotional or moody connotations whatsoever.


The boss, the smooth and the lumpy. They flash their cold sneers at you, all cocky. You smile back, sad. They’re already melting.

What could be the reason? I blame the weather again. After a miraculous two week streak of wintry sun, the skies went all grey and the streets sleety. Back to normal, except of the snow. Let’s see what the rest of the winter brings and how my unconscious copes with it.

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