Bearded Stump

It used to be a great city before hot winds came from the plains and the sky turned sulfuric yellow. Nothing could save the people, no prayers, no fancy gadgets. It was too late. The city’s pride got hamstrung by the scythe of the broken nature’s wrath. The towering houses shrunk and withered until only their dwarfed skeletons remained, full of the savoury scent of burning bodies. The only thing left alive was a stump of a long-forgotten tree before the gates. After the brunt of the storm swept by it, the stump sprouted itself a beard and laughed the lingering apocalypse in the face.

The painting reproduction used as a feature image and the source of inspiration for this particular scribble is a work of the Czech pop-surrealist artist Jan Kottman who has kindly let me use it here. For more information on Jan and his paintings, please visit his web – you sure won’t regret if you liked this one.

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