Fractal Dance

The chicken felt uneasy the whole day. Something vile was brewing in its head, something that wanted to burst out and spill all over the world. The thing roiled and boiled in the poor chicken's skull but nothing would happen. Not until the night fell. Shortly after the sun had crept under the horizon, the … Continue reading Fractal Dance

Tide Goddess

When the skies will tear the Earth’s guts out of her dying body, the time will come for the Tide Goddess to ride on a wave of blood and ice. She will be hungry, looking for anything she could devour so that it can be reborn. But the goddess will search in vain. Only the … Continue reading Tide Goddess

Lost Oryx

Too late the oryx realised she probably wasn’t supposed to eat those green-grey berries. Now seas of gooey sapphire were rising where the low grass of the dried-up savanna used to grow, and curious flying fish were flashing their bright red beaks in the thickening air. The oryx sighed. This was going to be a … Continue reading Lost Oryx