Fractal Dance

The chicken felt uneasy the whole day. Something vile was brewing in its head, something that wanted to burst out and spill all over the world. The thing roiled and boiled in the poor chicken's skull but nothing would happen. Not until the night fell. Shortly after the sun had crept under the horizon, the … Continue reading Fractal Dance

Night Mass

One starry night, the deer decided to serve a mass for himself. Strange, isn't it? Then again, is there anyone who has never done such a thing? Even the living bones torn from your own body can be a treat if you sugarcoat them well enough. Only the owl knows better. The painting reproduction used … Continue reading Night Mass

One of Four

White sun was beating on a plain that was cracked like a jig-saw puzzle made of scorched dirt. Deep down between the bone-dry walls of the cracks, grass cowered in shadow and sucked on the last beads of lingering dew. At noon, unshod hooves rang on the stone-hard soil. A black horse was galloping over … Continue reading One of Four

Bearded Stump

It used to be a great city before hot winds came from the plains and the sky turned sulfuric yellow. Nothing could save the people, no prayers, no fancy gadgets. It was too late. The city’s pride got hamstrung by the scythe of the broken nature’s wrath. The towering houses shrunk and withered until only … Continue reading Bearded Stump

Lost Oryx

Too late the oryx realised she probably wasn’t supposed to eat those green-grey berries. Now seas of gooey sapphire were rising where the low grass of the dried-up savanna used to grow, and curious flying fish were flashing their bright red beaks in the thickening air. The oryx sighed. This was going to be a … Continue reading Lost Oryx