How I Didn’t Break the Neck of My Daughter

As the year of 2018 was nearing its end, I wasn't in the best shape. My best friend and much cherished colleague had left the country for another job, and the research project we'd been shaping together to near-perfection over the past six years was crumbling. I desperately looked forward to a week of pleasantly … Continue reading How I Didn’t Break the Neck of My Daughter

Cannibal Feast, vol. 6

Catching up fast now after the break! When I got back from the travels reported in the previous edition of these cannibalizations, I found the Atlantic autumn slowly turning into rather cold winter. Bring it on, I say, for really cold weather (for Ireland) typically means unusually clear skies (for Ireland). Like in this fiery … Continue reading Cannibal Feast, vol. 6