Here you’ll find a convenient list of short stories and other longer teasers posted on Oceanic Soup. You may notice there is flash fiction on this blog as well, but maintaining links to that would be a mess after a while. Check the Flashes category instead.

The stuff only makes it here once I consider it more or less presentable, but I wonder if some of it can evolve further as a sort of “open source” fiction. Check my Github space to get involved (just be warned, some technical skills are required). You may also be interested in a note on versioning the living contents.

Come Again? – a very short story about a strange meeting that could have ended an apocalypse in progress. Warning: contains lighthearted mythological puns (no offence intended).

Backfire – a short story about a hard-ass young lady who got perhaps too comfortable in the world she rules. But the world is kind enough to let her know it’s time to move on. Warning: contains a tortured shark. [Github open source project]