Here you’ll find a convenient list of short stories and other teasers posted on Oceanic Soup. The stuff only makes it here once I consider it more or less presentable, but I wonder if some of it can evolve further as a sort of “open source” fiction. Check my Github space to get involved (just be warned, some technical skills are required). You may also be interested in a note on versioning the living contents.


The Unfortunate Case of a Major Mood Disorder with Rather Prolonged and Truly Apocalyptic Consequences – A tongue-in-cheek story about the end of the world, one depressed deity and its very tired antagonist. A new, and this time probably much more easily “decipherable” version of a story that was also published here. [Github open source project]

A Death too Slow – Ever wondered where discarded single-use kitchen utensils end up? In a paradise, of course. But do we want them there? That’s another question entirely. [Github open source project]

Backfire – A short story about a hard-ass young lady who got perhaps too comfortable in the world she rules. But the world is kind enough to let her know it’s time to move on. Warning: contains a tortured shark. [Github open source project]