Hey, I’m Vít. But you can call me Novi, like some of my friends, or Víťa, like some others. Whatever suits; I’m not too picky about what I’m called.

Who’s beyond the name, then? A naturalised Irishman with firm Czech roots and loads of impractically eclectic interests. After earning a few undergraduate degrees in fields like journalism or political philosophy, I somehow ended up, for the time being, as a PhD-trained leader of an AI research group that tries to automate discoveries in cancer biology.

That’s not too important, though, at least not here on this blog.

The thing is, some time in late 2016 I got frustrated by the diminishing creativity of my lofty management job and life in general. The remedy I administered to myself was writing fiction. The best and worst decision ever, I must say, for writing soon became a bewildering addiction to me. And, as of 2020, the main purpose of this space is to track the evolution of this dubious hobby of mine.

Other than pretending I know what I’m doing when I work or write, I’m perpetually puzzled by the joyful vagaries of family life. I also try to spend as much time as I can in nature. Wild bogs or muddy roadside puddles, a pristine mountain or a grimy town-locked knoll, anything will do, really. But clumsy impersonations of various ocean mammals are by far the most favourite of my outdoor pastimes.

Oh, well, and then there is the other thing I should probably mention.

I went mad for quite a while, you see. A brutal experience, but the process of coming to terms with the madness has been pretty enlightening. I suppose I’ll forever cherish those humbling scars as something that keeps me trying to become a better guy (whatever it actually means).

All right, enough about me. Your turn. Do you like jokes that are perhaps a little ill-conceived? Are you obsessed with matters of death and life, in that particular order? And how about the universe that probably doesn’t give a damn? Still interested? Then get back and read on. You’ve been warned.

Actually, no, wait. One last thing before you go. If you want to get in touch, use the comments here. There’s also Twitter, if you care. I may yet learn how to use those damn social media one day.